If you find yourself in an incident or theft situation while in Siem Reap, follow these steps:

Report to the Police: Immediately report the incident to the police. Your insurance provider will likely require a police report within 24 hours of the occurrence. The Siem Reap Police can assist you with this.
Tourist Police: The best option is to visit the Tourist Police. Most tuk-tuk drivers are familiar with its location. You’ll find it next to where the Angkor Ticket Office used to be. They can guide you through the reporting process and provide necessary assistance.
Police Box: In the heart of the tourist area, there’s a Police Box situated at the intersection of Pub Street and Hospital Street (Pi Thnou Street). If you need urgent police help, head there. It’s conveniently located for tourists.
Remember to stay calm, follow the procedures, and seek assistance promptly. Safe travels!

Tourist Police:

Hotline: 012 40 24 24
Location: Charles De Gaulle Boulevard

Police Box Pub Street:

Hotline (24/7): 012 57 38 48
Email: policebox_srp@yahoo.com
Location: intersection of Pub Street and Pi Thnou Street