CAT is 100% Cambodian owned and we live in a country where much of the population lives in poverty. Where we can, we do all that is possible to break the poverty cycle afflicting so many.

Some of our initiatives are:

+ training/employing university students as Green Honda Drivers. Most guys trying to better themselves at University are always short of money. We encourage further education and give preference to University students to fulfill our part time employment requirements.

+ support our own CAT FC – football (soccer) club. Training three nights per week is open to all (including you guys our customersJ). We play for fun & exercise – we have a good youth following who like to play. Many alternatives that are presented to our youth are negative lifestyles, such as gambling and drugs, by doing what we do, we educate for a better life. What really gives us a buzz is when one of our youths becomes good enough to be invited to train for professional football clubs.

+ ‘Go Outside on Weekends’. As Cambodia slowly develops – many problems that once were not part of our culture are becoming a reality. Such as lack of exercise, unhealthy dietary habits, not spending enough time together with the family & the list goes on. Based upon Australia’s 1970 ‘Life, be in it’ life style change campaign – corporate employees are encouraged to get outside, with their families, on the weekends. We organize cycling, picnics, walks, outside game events and similar. It is not uncommon for Cambodian senior staff both in private and public sector to work seven days a week. Many also never take annual holidays for fear that they may not get their job back once their holidays have concluded. We know this is unhealthy and unproductive so being encouraged to spend one day a week with their families is a start.    

Why Choose Us?

Impeccable service: It’s your holiday, we are here to please – of course we can make your tour as challenging or even as downright nasty as you please.

We don’t mix levels. Adventurers go on appropriate level adventures (of course facilities can be arranged such as electric assisted bikes, back up vehicles to help if your group requests mixed levels)

Pricing as cheap as we can – but we don’t compromise on quality, hygiene and safety.

Regularly creating new and different challenges/tours.

All our tours are led by an experienced local guide (that’s kind of easy – as we’re all local).